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Concept Video
Concept & CX Storyboard
Concept Prototype
User Jorney Prototype


Process Pictorial
Gallery small prototype
Gallery 1:1 prototype


10 weeks, 2023
Interaction concept
Umeå Institute of design
collaboration with CUPRA

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What if the car could enable a multisensorial emotional experience?

The car is the place where we experience our emotions at their fullest potential, where we can laugh, cry, sing, and even scream. It's a space for wild night anticipations, sharing secrets, first kisses and final farewells. Imagine "essɐr", a car that is alive and becomes one with you and your emotions. A vehicle that understands, enhances, and shapes your feelings and experiences. What if the car could create an immersive sensory atmosphere that allows us to live emotions to the extreme? Or transfrom them at your desire? What if it could use your own memories to amplify and shape these, with its sensitivity to your emotions, the music in the air, and the ambiance and the smell that surrounds you... Imagine that while, gaming or watching a movie you could become completely absorbed in the storytelling. With Essɐr seamlessly adjusting to the narrative, intensifying your experience and making every journey a remarkable adventure.


Clara Torres(IxD) | Anna Fletcher (TD)

Concept video

I created the concept video using stock footage and some recorded footage. I used color correction to ensure that the stock images had a similar aesthetic. I used a mix of Epidemic Sound music to compose the final soundtrack, and I added some Foley sounds on top of it to add depth to the video. Additionally, I wrote the script and contacted a voice-over artist for the narration.



Final light prototype

The prototype was built to show how the two main lights will affect the surfaces.

Through an NFC reader, it also allows users to go through the storyboard, activating the different light effects when placed in the reader.

To simulate the ceiling light at the two moments of the story that get activated, I connected the Arduino to a website that displays the different ceiling effects on an iPad.

User Jorney Prototype


Full detail process - pictorial

Asteria Project

Scale prototype

1:1 scale prototype


General moodbord car concept

Moodbord light design

Moodbord sound design