autumn 2018
Interactive installation
Escola Universitaria ERAM

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Interactive installation for the Vibra light festivel

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of Èter at the Girona Light Festival, Vibra. The interactive installation took you above the clouds to a fantasy realm where you influenced the creation of storms. You engaged with moonflowers and fairies in a luminous dance, as every interaction wove the essence of an impending storm. This enchanting experience blended the magic of nature with the wonder of technology, inviting you to be part of a captivating narrative that made you reflect on what needed to be added to this world.


Interactive design Lab Escola universitaria Eram


"Who knows how many years ago, the sages already told the legends about the world of the Èter. The world beyond the clouds. At nightfall, this dream space comes to life and lights up, and its inhabitants know that the time has come to prepare for a new storm. The flowers begin to vibrate to awaken all wildlife. The "moonflowers", vigilantes and protectors of this world, do not take their eyes off you. And the fairies started to eager to put the ingredients in the lake of rain. And it is that some of the storms of the Earth arrive loaded with a message chosen by the inhabitants of the world of Èter.

So When night falls, and the lights illuminate Girona, open your eyes wide, and the magic will appear, making you vibrate with Water, Earth, and technology. Will you lose this world of creativity?