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PROJECTS: Ally | Apple watch Kia | Xup Xup | Salmon Visuals |

Over the years, I have worked on several digital design projects that have allowed me to explore my passion for UX/UI design and front-end development. Some of these projects were done while studying, while others were completed as freelance designers. My focus has always been on creating user-centric designs that are visually appealing and intuitive to navigate. From designing educational gamified platforms to crafting engaging mobile app experiences, I take pride in delivering designs that seamlessly blend form and function. With a keen eye for detail and understanding of user behavior, I'm committed to crafting digital experiences that delight and inspire.

UX | UI | Front-end development | Concept development | Gamification | Prototyping

Introducing ally, the solution for those who struggle to find the perfect restaurant while dealing with allergies and intolerances. With ally, you can effortlessly discover the best restaurants that cater to your needs, all within the comfort of one collaborative platform. We've made this app in the context of the course Multimedia Technologies II - by inputting your location and filtering by food type, allergies, and proximity, whith ally you can discover a range of restaurants that suit your preferences. And that's not all - with ally, you can also browse through user comments, Google ratings, and allypoints - our very own system for rating restaurants based on their level of allergy and intolerance preparedness.

I was in charge of the UX, and also coded this app prototype with another team member using HTML-CSS-javascript-Angularjs

Designing a UI interface for an Apple Watch app was a project I undertook in the context of a graphic design course at Umea Institute of Design. The goal was to create an interface that would allow users to control a movie theater setup in a fully autonomous car, while adhering to the design language of the Kia e-Niro. I used Figma to design the interface and then created an interactive prototype using Protopie.

Xupxup, the internal website for a gamified course inside the University ERAM, here the students can start projects, receive grades, follow the class's content. And check their points and level improvement. On the other hand, the teachers can create new projects and give grades and points to the students from the backend. Due to is a private website, I can't embed it here, so I recorded a video of the flow. It is coded using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Vue.

Freelance project, a website for a producer in Barcelona called Salmon Visuals. Coded using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


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