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Interactive installation that simulateas a designed baby clinic called Asteria


Genetic modification will be possible in the near future, but its discussion is still not on the general population yet. That's mainly because people don't really know what genetic modification is, what it can achieve, and its consequences.


Asteria is a transmedia project about a future where genetic modification is possible. We have created an interactive installation that simulates a designed baby clinic called Asteria. Where the user will be able to interact with different platforms to choose the features of their future child. The project's main aim is to open a debate and reflection on whether we are ready for this use of power or not."

Project Info

21 weeks, autumn 2019
Transmedia Project
Escola Universitaria ERAM

The team

Marta Marques
Irene Barroso
Marina Varga

Fátima Perez
Petra Vilanova
Sarah Julie de Ross

Directing the project

Concept development


Design the installation


Coding web/interactions

Directing the shooting


The facility will be made up of three spaces: a waiting room to put the user in context; a room called "Capsula," where they will use VR glasses to "talk" with the doctor before using the totems to answer the questions that will define the genetics modification of your future child; And the laboratory where the user could interact with different platforms.

These videos, apart from working as a teaser for the project, were conceived as the potential advertisements of the clinic and were running in the waiting room of the installation

We divided the posters into three groups, depending on their function and meaning. First, we have corporate posters that are used to promote the clinic. Following are the posters by groups, which indicate and reinforce the values of the Asteria models. And finally, the transparencies posters, purely static and used only in the exhibition on the laboratory

The website represents the website of the clinic here. The user founds information about the clinic and the process. They can also check the catalog or answer questions to receive a budget for a personalized baby. Is coded using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Angular.js

Directing the project.

Between my tasks as director were:

- Guide and Cohesive the different departments

- Solve the various problems that arise

- Supporting ideas to improve workflow, or solving team obstacles

- Homogenize the project at the platform level to make them interact in the most organic way possible

- Act as a spokesperson for the group


I was in charge of all the documentation from a scientific point of view. We wanted to be as accurate as possible to reality, so I researched genetic engineering. I am passionate about the world of biology, especially genetics, and from the second year of my degree in my free time, I attend classes in the biotechnology degree as a listener. That is why I was delighted to do all the documentation. I asked for all the notes on any subject related to genetics. Plus, I went to the library on weekends to investigate. Once all the research was done, I organized some basic genetics classes for the whole group, so we all knew what we are working with. This was very useful during the presentation and as long as the installation was operative. Since practically all the questions we received were technical about genetics, when someone asked something more complicated, the other team members came looking for me to give the pertinent explanations. And it was all a success since we were able to solve all the doubts! Additionally, all the departments have performed deep research focuses on references.

Building an interactive installation.

As director of the multimedia department, I was in charge of the entire department practically alone. In the installation, I wanted to provide immersion to the user, and that is why everything that surrounds the viewer stimulates and brings them into the reality that we propose. Prototyping - exterior For the physical construction of the space, we had 74.16m2, which we divided into three rooms, and we used white melamine panels to separate them. The company "CuinaEstudi" provided us with the material we needed.

Building an interactive installation.


Data representation.

Podcast + Radio.


Final Resoult

My contribution
Interactive intallation


Directing & Research
The installation
Making off Shooting