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Creation of an app that will teach the users to analyze the color in the audiovisual content through films


The new generations are continuously bombed by audiovisual content, but they did not receive a formation to help them understand the audiovisual narrative. So, they keep being passive spectators and, therefore, manipulable.


Enter a playfiction project, aimed at teaching the importance of audiovisual comprehension. The app consists of a series of engaging mini-games that help users analyze the use of color in various films. By actively engaging with the content, users will gain a deeper understanding of the power of color in storytelling. With this app, I hope to empower a new generation of viewers to become critical consumers of audiovisual content, capable of recognizing and interpreting the messages behind the images they see.

Project Info

7 months, 2021
Bachelor thesis
Escola Universitaria ERAM


INS de Celrà
Ferran Altarriba

Concept development

User & Desktop Research

Co-design workshop facilitation

Front-end Development


Audiovisual Production

I coded this app prototype using HTML-CSS-javascript

I wrote the script from the clips and did the postproduction.

Co-design Workshop

At that point in the project, I knew that it was better to search for quality over quantity. Instead of sending surveys to many people, I decided to perform several workshops with smaller groups to get a more close interaction with them. I performed the workshop on a high school with two groups (8 - 13 participants) and had a duration of 2h each, plus an extra (longer) one with 4 studens that had a duration of 5h.

Co-creation Workshops.


Black Swan.


App design.


Color analysis - Black swan

Every time I watched the movie, I was entirely focused on one color, and again with the script on hand, I was writing down every time that that color appears, after I was able to see a patron in each one. Following that, I used all the knowledge learned while identifying the topic to identify the connection and a possible explanation of why they chose that color. There are five symbolic colors in the movie: Black, white, green, pink, and red. Following, I would explain the meaning of these colors inside the movie. Also, this explanation is the one performed the voice over in the app explanatory videos

Color analisis

From white to black

The poisoning green

Childish pink

The dyscontrol red.

Final Result

My contribution
Quick guide
UI Frameworks


Co-Design workshops
Color analysis
Storyboards video