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Audiovisual productions.

PROJECTS: What is creativity | Asteria | Color - Black Swan | Sinmist | Blu

Impactful audiovisual storytelling

I have a passion for audiovisual production as a way to showcase concepts, immerse the viewer, and tell stories. I love using semiotics to convey meaning and create emotional connections. Within production, I take on various roles, including scriptwriting, directing, art direction, and post-production.Whether it's a promotional video, a short film, or an immersive experience, I approach every project with a focus on creating a captivating audiovisual experience that resonates with the audience on a deeper level. I believe that when done right, audiovisual production can be a truly transformative experience, and I'm excited to continue exploring its potential in my work.

Direction | Storytelling | Script writing | Art Direction | Post-production | Semiotics | Sound Design

The "What is Creativity?" concept video is an abstract exploration of the meaning of creativity. Through the use of semiotics and symbolism, it showcases creativity as breaking free from the norm and thinking outside of the box. The video emphasizes the importance of differentiation and the interconnectedness of ideas, all depicted as a beautiful dance.

Asteria is a concept video that immerses the viewer in a future where genetic modification is possible. The video serves as both a teaser for the project and a showcase for the designed baby clinic experience that we created, aimed at encouraging reflection on the implications of genetic engineering on our future. This was a group project, and my role for the video production was Director.

Sinmist is a multidisciplinary project that centers around a transmedia board game. Through a blend of analog and digital platforms, players will immerse themselves in the world of Sinmist where they must solve a thrilling mystery. This teaser provides a glimpse into the first gameplay narrative More info about it comming soon

The concept video showcases a project aimed at helping teenagers stay safe online and build trust with the police. The project includes an app that provides support, a mixed reality game that lets them practice different scenarios, and a box filled with information that arrives at their doorstep on their birthday. The video gives viewers a glimpse into how the project can be used and the impact it can have on young people's lives. More info about it comming soon

What is creativity?
Color - Black swan
Teaser Sinmist