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Experience design.

PROJECTS: ÉTER | Voting Prototype

Experience Design | Storytelling | Interaction Design | Prototyping

I am driven by the art of experience design and creating truly immersive environments that transport the user to unexpected universes. From crafting captivating stories to designing intricate interactions, my passion lies in pushing the boundaries of immersion to create worlds that not only engage the audience but envelop them completely, inviting them to become an active participant in the story. With every project, I strive to blur the lines between reality and imagination, creating experiences that are unforgettable and leave a lasting impression on those who journey through them.

Éter is an interactive installation created, by the interaction design lab at Eram university school for the light festival of Girona, VIBRA.

"Who knows how many years ago, the sages already told the legends about the world of the Èter. The world beyond the clouds. At nightfall, this dream space comes to life and lights up, and its inhabitants know that the time has come to prepare for a new storm. The flowers begin to vibrate to awaken all wildlife. The "moonflowers", vigilantes and protectors of this world, do not take their eyes off you. And the fairies started to eager to put the ingredients in the lake of rain. And it is that some of the storms of the Earth arrive loaded with a message chosen by the inhabitants of the world of Èter.

So When night falls, and the lights illuminate Girona, open your eyes wide, and the magic will appear, making you vibrate with Water, Earth, and technology. Will you lose this world of creativity? "

Within the context of the interactive design course, I devised an improvement to the ÈTER project, in this case, it was to reinvent the voting system of the lake’s interaction. Creating a totem that qualifies the votes through photoresistors. The user places the flat hand on top of the option they want, a hand scan is simulated, then a vote is added and sends water of the color of the chosen option toward the lake.



Voting system éter

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