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I worked as a UX-UI Designer and Front-end developer during my professional career. Performing with programs such as AdobeXd or Figma and coding with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue, and AngularJs. Following, you will see some of the websites I designed and built during these years.



Research website for the university ERAM, coded using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Angularjs

Xupxup, the internal website for a gamified course inside the University ERAM, here the students can start projects, receive grades, follow the class's content. And check their points and level improvement. On the other hand, the teachers can create new projects and give grades and points to the students from the backend. Due to is a private website, I can't embed it here, so I recorded a video of the flow. It is coded using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Vue.

Website for a producer in Barcelona, coded using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Final Result

My contribution
Eram SCI
Xup Xup
Salmon Visuals