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I’m Laura Bisbe a multidisiplinary designer with a background in audiovisual and multimedia currenly mastering Interaction Design at Umeå Institute of Design.






Laura Bisbe

I'm an MFA Interaction Design student at Umeå Institute of Design, as a multidisciplinary designer my passion is fueled by the challenge of creating immersive experiences that are both captivating and meaningful. With a background in audiovisual and multimedia production, technology, and research, I bring a unique perspective to every project, allowing me to devise transmedia designs, strategies, and experiences that push the boundaries of traditional design.

My love for semiotics and storytelling drives me to explore different platforms and environments, from gamification in education to healthcare and game design. I am dedicated to creating impactful and memorable experiences, using all the senses to transport users into new and unexpected worlds. Whether through cutting-edge technology or a more traditional approach, I am committed to finding new ways to engage audiences and leave a lasting impression beyond the screen.

Laura Bisbe

I'm an MFA Interaction Design student at Umeå Institute of Design with a background in audiovisual and multimedia production, technology, and research, which allows me to devise transmedia designs, strategies and experiences. I love to incorporate semiotics and storytelling into different platforms/environments. From education thru gamification to healthcare or game design. But especially for creating memorable experiences by using all the senses to immerse the users.

MFA Interaction Design

Umeå Institue of Design, Umeå Sweden
Aug 2021- Jun 2023

Bachelor in Audiovisual and Multimedia Production

ERAM University School, Barcelona Spain
Sep 2016- Jun 2021

Bachelor in Multimedia Design

Kea University , Copenhagen Denmark (Exchange of one semester)
Jan 2020 - Jun 2020

International Graphic design course

Hanbad University, Daejeon South Korea (Scholarship)
Summer 2019

McKinsey Design | Veryday

Design Intern
Jen 2023 - Jun 2023

Meaningful Studio Paris

Digital product design Intern
Jul 2022 - Des 2022

Interactive Design research intern

Research around Future Playful Smart Cities

Social and Emotional Technology Lab, University of California, Santa Cruz
Sep 2020- Aug 2021

UX/UI Designer + Front-end Developer

Escola Universitaria Eram
Jul 2020-Jan 2021 / Sep 2018 - Jun 2019

Audiovisual and photography Instructor

Sep 2017 - Sep 2020


Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign | Affter Effecs | Premiere Pro | Lightroom Classic | Figma | Procreate | Protopie | Maya | Marvelous Design | Z-Brush | Substance Painter | DaVinci Resolve | Logic Pro | Vital | Final Cut Pro


HTML | CSS | Javascript | Vue | C++ | Arduino | Angular.js | Wordpress


Concept development | Creative Techniques | Interaction Design | Immersive Enviroments | Storytelling | CX Storytelling | Storyboard | Audiovisual analysis | Color psicology | Experience Design | Transmedia Design | Game Design | Gamification | UX - UI Design | User Research | Workshop facilitation | Photography | Audiovisual Production | Audiovisual Posproduction | Brand Design | Sound Design | Prototyping | Wireframes | 3D modeling | Illustration | Oration | Goal-oriented| Effective under pressure | Self-motivated | Team managment | Content managment


Catalan: Native | Spanish: Native | English: Professional level | Italian: Solo un po :)